The badminton drills shown in this e-book are practiced by professional players. Follow it and you too will see instant improvements!. Surefire Badminton Drills - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Handle System Proxy Server. The web form below will enable you to resolve individual handles and view their associated values. It uses a proxy server, which .

Sure Fire Badminton Drills Ebook

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IMac with 8GB RAM- memory always almost full free sales tax books sure fire badminton drills ebook free Fire Badminton Drills. A badminton match lasts approximately ± minutes. ▻ secs. . Stroke Drills: Overhead Drop. ▻ Drop Shot. ▻ Same technique as overhead clear. I am deciding to download an e-book on badminton and I need some advice. Techniques" by Butch Oreta and Vip Malixi and "Sure Fire Badminton Drills" by Andrew Chang, which is better? What is Both ebooks are free.

To improve on speed In this drill, player A needs speed in order to rush to the front court to kill the shots. Other than that, players have to move diagonally in this drill. Moving diagonally demands a lot of strengths than moving straight as the distance of the court are further. When players face tough training, it will be much easier for them to move quickly in the real games.

Improve aggression skills An aggressive player normally has fast movements and powerful shots. In this drill, player A will have the chance to sharpen their offensive skills as they have to do shadow smashes and run quickly to the net. After mastering the tap in the front courts, you can try other skills such as push and cross court net.

The idea of it is to make your opponent guessing on which shots you will play. This is where deception comes to play. In conclusion, step 1 exercises are simple but tiring. You have to consistently push yourself in order to gain the benefits of the training.

We are now going to focus on step 2 drills which are more complex and require more advanced skills. Once you have already reached the next level of your game and wish to try tougher drills, here are 6 of it. Step 2 drills require more cross court movements than step 1 drills.

Therefore, players need to have more advanced skills and strong basics in order to undergo step 2 exercises.

Badminton e-Book

Start from Point X, the center of the court. Lunge to the front point 1 to do a shadow lift. After defending, quickly move to the rear court point 3 and smash the shuttle fed by player B. Follow up to the front point 1 after smashing and repeat the drill.

Stand in front of player A. Player B should wait for player A to cross the centre line before throwing the shuttle to point 3. In order to retrieve every shot in the game, player needs strong legs to support their movements. You can develop it in this drill. Improve counter attack This exercise will help to develop your counter attacking abilities as you will have to straight away jump and skip to the rear court to smash after retrieving all under hand shots.

Defending each shot from the opponent requires strong legs and solid footwork. In 10 long years, I've seen nearly everything at the training camp. I know the good , the bad and the ugly things happened in badminton world. Unfortunately for me, I didn't make it to join with the national team. BAM literally discarded me for some health reason many years ago. I'm a real person and you can verify my existence in the world of badminton by calling my number at I'm serious.

Because today Today is about YOU. I'm going to share with you some of my powerful techniques that I absorbed during my training camp.

About Michael Hayes

Unsolicited Testimonial "I am a professional Badminton coach and player. Would you be surprise if I tell you that world class badminton players such as; Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Jens Eriksen and Martin Lundgaard Hansen are all trained with the same methods and techniques which you're about to discover in a few minutes? The only difference between those world champions and you, is discipline and dedication.

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If you have discipline and dedication, then right now it's your turn to take the lead. Now, let me ask you Are you ready to take your badminton game to the next level?

Are you ready to be the hottest player on the court?

Losing at Badminton? Take Steps to Success!

If you're ready, then you'll definitely want to get your hands on the remarkable new e-book Sure-Fire Badminton Drills. This comprehensive badminton e-book was written in conjunction with the exact same professional badminton players who turned me into a badminton machine in just a couple of weeks. This badminton e-book is conveniently divided into four easy-to-follow training methods, complete with photographs and detailed court diagrams.

Each method is divided into Step 1 drills and Step 2 drills. Step 1 drills sharpen your core skills, and Step 2 drills are the most advanced. Every professional badminton player uses all the 35 KILLER drills detailed in this incredible e-book to be at the top of their game.

With this astounding badminton e-book, you'll be privy to scores of professional shadow and shuttle drills. In Training Method 1, Step 1 alone You'll sharpen your aggressive offensive skills and sets you up to perfect your push and cross-court net skills to keep your opponent guessing like crazy!

You'll learn what shot to master before mastering lift, push or cross-court net shots. And you'll learn what spot you need to return to on the court before and after retrieving each shot if you want to guard your base!

You'll improve your speed to prevent lifting the shuttle--and being in a defensive position again. You'll improve your jumping ability so you can smash from the highest and fastest point!

You'll improve your defense skills by learning how to slow down the pace of the game when you're under pressure.

And you'll learn how to improve the quality of your lifting shots so you can recover to the center court in a flash! You'll see how to slow your game down and limit your opponent's shot angles by lobbing to the rear court. This sets you up to master smash, drop and fast drop shots so you can change from a defensive to an attacking position in less than a second!

Unsolicited Testimonial "Wow. And in the Step 2 drills in Training Method 1 you'll get these inside secrets You'll hone your counter attack , offense and defense skills, plus you'll learn how to surprise your opponent by delivering an unexpected smash! You'll find out how to pressure your opponent by changing the pace of the game in seconds. And you'll even learn how to confuse your opponent by faking a smash! You'll see how to sharpen your net skills and execute tight, deadly net shots.

You'll even hone your cross-court net, tap, lift and push skills to confuse your opponent! You'll develop the speed necessary to kill an opponent's weak return after smashing.

And you can execute cross-court net or push shots to put the pressure on your opponent with no mercy! You'll improve your backhand shot accuracy. And you'll learn what bad habit to avoid. This drill also sets you up to perfect your backhand cross-court drop or backhand fast drop shot.

You'll be faster than lightning -- continuously rushing in for an instant kill! Your backhand shots will become more accurate and deadly than ever before! And you'll move on to fully master the backhand smash and cross-court lob in no time. And that's just Training Method 1!

In Training Method 2, you'll focus on shuttle control drills.

Not only will these drills help you sharpen your shot accuracy, but you'll also learn why practicing half court will make it easier for you to smash an opponent during a real full-court game. You'll be able to consistently set up attacks and make your opponent to commit errors so you can execute a deadly smash!

You'll know how to counter your opponent's unrelenting pressure by slowing down the game's pace with high, deep lobs. This drill also empowers you to suddenly attack! You'll hone your ability to deliver completely unexpected shots and keep your opponent completely dumbfounded and under intense pressure. This drill will definitely sharpen your drop shot skills!

You'll see how to use a cross-court lob as an attacking shot in certain scenarios. This technique alone will wear your opponent down! You'll learn how to execute a powerful cross-court shot, which will improve your ability to set up an attack. You'll see how to drive sharp, steep and stinging smashes like an All-England champion!

Unsolicited Testimonial "The sure fire drills are fantastic - the easy to follow guides helps inmprove the game, I use tham regularly to improve my understanding of the game and to improve my fitness. Regards Saju. Unsolicited Testimonial Thank you for your sure fire badminton,i appreciated very much and respect for your honesty and dedicated to reveal the truth of badminton skill,which is i never found the truth from any other coach,just merely making money!

Andre Chen, Indonesia. Unsolicited Testimonial "For your information, i definitely improved my game.. But wait. It gets even better!

Those were just the step 1 drills in Training Method 2. Now for the advanced Step 2 drills You'll take your cross-court attacking skills to the next level to force your opponent stay in the DEAD zone where he can't move! Your defensive skills will be sharpened with consistent lobs. This will pressure your opponent with fewer options and set you up to execute a lethal sudden attack and earn the easiest point ever! You'll see how you can lift the shuttle without fear of defending your opponent's attack -- no matter how fast his smash is going to hit you, you'll laugh victorious!

You'll learn how to create opportunities to counterattack by whipping the shuttle all the way to your opponent's back court! You'll improve your recovery by giving your opponent fewer angles, so you can clear to the baseline without the fear of defending and drain your opponent's strength to his knees!

You'll improve your drive shots, which are critical in doubles. You'll see how to create an open space to kill and produce another winning point for you! You'll even see why using this XXXX instead of a badminton racket will double or even triple your strength in one night!

Unsolicited Testimonial "In your book, you have made us see the professional way you have arranged the materials to be used on court and off court for beginners and competitive players. Then there's Training method 3, which focuses on multiple shuttle drills. The Step 1 drills that will drive your badminton skills to new heights, including You'll hone your defense skills by meeting your opponent's smashes and other attack shots by lobbing shots to the baseline.

This simple trick gives you recovery time so you can control the entire game! Top players and gold-medalists capitalize on their near-perfect net play to set up an attack shot, and so can you! You'll know how to move quickly to the front to gain advantage when your opponent defends your smash. You'll have NO problem killing your opponent's weak return!

You'll never fear if your opponent returns your net shot with a cross-court net shot. You'll be on your toes, rushing to the net after a smash to anticipate weak return shots. And you'll learn where to keep the shuttle so that you can stay attacking non-stop!

Your defensive skills will reach new level as you retrieve smash after smash after smash without hesitation! Plus, your doubles game will never be the same again. You'll kill shuttles to hone your attacking skills and improve your hand speed. And you'll find out what ugly habits to avoid with your partner. That's it? No way. Sure Fire Badminton Drills doesn't stop there. Oh no. This mind-blowing badminton e-book even delivers specific exercises in Training Method You'll learn why these exercises are always done after drills to give you a competitive edge.

Steps 1 and 2 include shadow drills so You'll improve your front and back movements! You'll produce a sharper and deadlier net shots! You'll develop your recovery skills! You'll improve your defensive footwork!

You'll move faster defensive footwork to counter your opponent's attack shots! You'll take your attack skills to the next level! I can't explain it anymore, this page won't fit them all. To wrap things up Sure-Fire Badminton Drills is the MOST complete badminton training guide on the entire planet, yet it is very easy to understand even for total newbie.

Don't get me wrong, those badminton books that you can download at nearby bookstores are good enough to make you understand how to play badminton. But unfortunately, they are all written mostly based on theories , NOT from the actual physical experience from someone who has been training with the gold medalists and All England champions!

Please, you're not here just to play badminton game With Sure-Fire Badminton Drills , you'll learn everything you need to know about winning the badminton in the court and take over the whole game from your opponent YOU will discover all the deadliest tricks to end your rival's movements!

YOU will know how to block every shot from your rival -- This will make him insane! YOU will improve your chances to kill the shuttle no matter what your rival do! YOU will defend your court a lot better even if you're exhausted and don't know what do do! YOU will improve your chances of setting up a lethal spinning net shot! YOU will give your opponent a stressful pressure every time he moves!

YOU will know the proper forehand and backhand grip -- and switch between the two instantly!By continuously doing this drill, it increases your endurance level and can sustain physically demanding games.

Sure fire badminton drills! Congratulations and well done! By continuously doing this drill, it increases your endurance level and can sustain physically demanding games. You will have to defend all the shots in this exercise. YOU will know how to block every shot from your rival -- This will make him insane! After reading this book my singles game has improved drastically. Improve defensive style of play This exercise helps to improve your defensive style of play as you keep lobbing the shuttle to player B.

You'll even see why using this XXXX instead of a badminton racket will double or even triple your strength in one night!